Fun Family Photo

Home is where your story begins.....{Tampa In-Home Family Photography}

The youngest daughter and I share first names, which I find so fun and exciting! I spent time with them in their new home and new neighborhood and captured where they will be making awesome memories while the girls grow up. They used one of the images of them in front of their home for their holiday/"we've moved" cards!  The park near their home is so wonderful that I've started taking my own kids to play!



Family Biking Adventure {Davis Island Photographer}

During a relaxed evening with girlfriends, we discussed my photography business and the direction I wanted to go in. I rambled about "doing" stuff with families rather than just having everyone pose and the example I kept using was biking. Raquel's face brightened and I'm pretty sure she started envisioning her own family doing what they love to do while I tagged along. I am so thankful for that evening as my wonderful friends encouraged me to move down this path. 

Raquel and I ended up scheduling a session which included bikes and beach and rocks and sunsets and lots of adventure.  Thank you Raquel!!!