The Best Days....are Beach Days!

As I pack our suitcases to hit the Florida beach this weekend I day dream of the clear water, beautiful sunsets and memories we will make. I read once that preparing for a Florida beach vacation (or any vacation) should be part of the whole adventure - I have embraced that idea b/c otherwise I get overwhelmed! Between the clothes, food, toys and packing up the dog for her own vacation - it’s a lot - so might as well try to enjoy it!!

I love documenting families from around the country that come to our Florida beaches to spend a week of well-earned and sought after vacation. I’m alive when I’m running down the beach with the kids, telling the adults to squeeze in just a little closer, and getting so sandy and wet that I feel like a kid myself.

Summer is here on our Florida beaches. I’m busy scheduling extended family photo shoots on Anna Maria Island, St. Pete Beach, Madeira Beach, Treasure Island, and more! I’m so grateful for all that hire me to do what I love!! This extended family was so much fun — and the “fun uncle” definitely was a hit with the kids!!


Family kite flying on Bradenton Beach!! Grandparents and Uncles are the best!