Your "About Us" Page is Vital!


Displaying more than a handful of headshots on one web page requires pre-planning if you want it to look professional. If each person provides their own image, you end up with irregular cropping, clashing colors and a disjointed looking page. If you attempt to DIY using the same white wall to make them all the identical, you can end up with inconsistent lighting and unflattering images that when grouped together don’t actually look alike at all. I can help revive your about us page with not so corporate headshots.

With Datis, a company of about 50 (and growing), we discussed their current website re-design to understand the colors and layout which helped us plan out the headshots. From our discussions, I understood they wanted to look approachable, yet professional and for it to be cohesive, but not too matchy-matchy. The logistics of meeting with each employee for their headshot needed to be effortless - not a drive across town. I did a bit of legwork and came up with a few options and presented three themes unique to Datis. The final decision was to use shades of gray with some greenery in addition to requesting the employees wear any shade of blue. We accomplished this within a 5 minute walk of the office only taking 15 minutes of their day.

I also created some “in the office” images that feature their own employees working in their actual office space so Datis can provide potential clients an authentic peek into their company.

Here is a screenshot of their updated live website with the not so corporate headshots I provided them. Want to see what they were using before they hired me? Keep on scrolling.


Below is their old “about us” website page.

Before headshot

And take a peek in their office while they collaborate on projects!


Headshots are the new handshake — they are the first impression you give to potential clients. I’ll help you drastically improve your headshots. Contact me!