How do you handle Plan B?

There are many quotes about what happens when “Plan A” doesn’t work out. Two of my favorites are “Life is all about how you handle plan B” and “Keep calm and go on to Plan B”. I arrived at my Tampa family photo shoot early in Ybor City to discover our originally planned (and scouted) location to be totally blocked off for an unknown festival. Cue me not freaking out. Maybe a little. After texting the mom that I’d shortly give her a new spot to meet I drove around in silence - mind racing. I selected a quiet area of Ybor city near a parking garage - with a thought that maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to use the roof and cross of one my photography bucket list items of having a family photo shoot at the very top of the garage. As I parked, so did the family and there was no time for anything - except to make Plan B my Plan A.

The family was so relaxed, the kids talkative and energetic. For our Tampa family photo session we walked around a large block using the unique backdrops of the old Ybor City. As I saw the sun lowering I suggested the top of the parking garage - and they were in! Be sure to keep scrolling so you don’t miss the images with the gorgeous sky!!

Looking back I definitely realize I fit into the cliche - that I’m pleased Plan A didn’t work out. Plan B provided us with a quiet area so we weren’t fighting crowds, space to run and play and of course the top of the parking garage.