Beauty Revived - Welcoming Refugees {Tampa Family Photographer}

After being chosen to select, photograph and honor a local child that exemplifies real beauty I immediately had a young girl in mind. 

I attended a meeting to learn more about the refugee resettlement program in the Tampa area and listened to two amazing women speak. In addition to her full time job with the State of Florida, Florence also runs a all volunteer program called the Refugee and Migrant Women Initiative. This volunteer program is priceless for refugees arriving in Tampa. Florence also explained that her 12 year old daughter wanted to help (her own father is a refugee) so she came up with her own initiative to help refugee children arriving in Tampa. I was amazed, inspired and knew she was just the young woman to honor as she displays true beauty. 

Please see the entire article about her initiative called "If your shoes could talk". And please enjoy the images of this beautiful and inspirational family.

refugee family